Florida Trip 2017 Day 12, Part 1


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Florida Trip 2017 Day 12, Part 1

Now today was to be a Marathon day we had found we had a few days left on our old Disney tickets and so we decided to make our first and only visit to Disney as we had bought 2 week tickets to Universal Studios in the UK at a good price plus we had visited Disney many many times in previous years.

The girls had decided they wanted to watch the Disney fireworks from the Magic Kingdom that evening but wanted to visit Epcot in the daytime so today was going to be a long long day fitting both parks in and watching the fireworks meant a late trip home.

We arrived at Epcot very early not long after it had opened and headed over to test track it was very busy with a long wait time so fast passed it for later we strolled around the future areas of Epcot and went on Mothership Earth which is still our all-time favourite ride in Epcot the wait wasn’t too long and it lovely and cool as today was very hot already even early in the morning.

Funny but I can remember our first trip to Epcot and the ride in Mothership Earth many of the things they were showcasing then such as video calling etc. were things of the future and now they are the normal everyday thing, the ride then was really cutting edge make me a little nostalgic.

We headed out to the world showcase as this is the best area of Epcot in my view and soon we entered the world of Mexico I really like this area lovely and cool inside the little market area is so quaint and the ride is fun even if latest face it’s a little old fashioned by today’s standard.

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The ride at Norway has now been changed into a frozen ride and some of the Norway theme has been lost take over by this Frozen theme which is a shame but good for the children I guess, next it was China although the Chinese acrobats were not there at the time we spent a fair bit of time looking around the shops there.

Next its Germany home of the Bratwurst, not a lot to see here really and soon we were onto the Italy area, this is a nice area has a bit of atmosphere and some nice eating places if you’re into pasta of course.

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