Florida Trip 2017 Day 9, Part 1


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Florida Trip 2017 Day 9, Part 1

We had already decided yesterday that we would visit Islands of Adventure today so we were up pretty early for a holiday day and had some breakfast at the villa, some nice croissant and jam followed by lovely fresh fruit. The weather was once again sunny it looked like it would be another hot one.

Soon we were all in the car and driving up to Islands of Adventure, the traffic was pretty busy at this time as everyone was on their way to work but it wasn’t long before we were pulling into the parking lot and making our way to the roof to park up.

The park wasn’t too busy and soon we were through the entrance and making our way through Seuss Landings and the lost continent and approaching The wizarding world of Harry Potter Hogsmeade, this was the main place we wanted to visit before it got too busy.

We wandered around Hogsmeade taking in all the sights and the little shops and of course visiting Olivanders, I honestly think that the wizarding world of Harry Potter area is the best thing that studio has done so far and its rightly quite busy at all times.

Soon we were in the line for the Harry Potter Forbidden Journey ride this was the main ride that will and Karlie wanted to visit, this is the most popular ride in the Harry Potter area and I can see why as you soar above the castle grounds.

Next we made our way to the new ride Skull Island Reign of Kong as you might have guessed this is based on the recent film of King Kong, you join an exhibition group on a vehicle as you ride around the skull island looking at the sites pointed out by your guide until you come under attack by the prehistoric predators, will Kong come to your rescue? It’s a great new ride with lots of atmosphere but quite a short ride in my view but one not too miss!

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We made our way around to the Marvel comics area and took a ride on the Spiderman show this still is one of the best rides in islands of adventure despite its age and we all enjoy it definitely one not to miss although choose your time carefully as it is still a popular ride.

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