Florida Trip 2017 Day 9, Part 2


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Florida Trip 2017 Day 9, Part 2

After the Spiderman ride, Will and Karlie headed off to the Hulk roller coaster as this seems to be their number one favourite roller coaster and once again there was a long wait for it but it was getting pretty hot by now so Shirley and I sat close by in the shade and rested whilst they queued.

Around 30 minutes later they appear with huge grins and announced they were going to queue for the Hulk again because they wanted to have another ride on it, I certainly wasn’t going to volunteer for a ride on it so we headed for an ice cream at Cinnabon a much better idea than riding the hulk in my view.

About twenty to thirty minutes later they appeared and we made our way through Port of Entry and the shops to the exit, soon we were outside after another long hot day. We had already decided that we were going to visit Bubba Gump’s for our tea but it was a little early around 5 pm and so what to do for a little while before.

We made our way to the New toothsome Chocolate emporium, this is now in the spot where the NBA national basketball place used to be and wasn’t there last time we visited so were curious it like something of our Charlie and the chocolate factory.

Inside was as you would expect lots and lots of chocolate items if you’re from the UK it’s like a big Thornton’s shop but bigger, there were props also that I’m sure were in reference to a film but not sure it had been realised in the UK.

After there we headed over to Magerittavile, now we had passed this bar many times when the kids were younger it is basically a seaplane parked up on the edge of the lagoon on the entrance to islands of adventure but never gone in as the kids were too young
Will and Karlie now both old enough to drink so we popped in Margaritaville for a couple of relaxing beers before heading off to Bubba Gump’s for food.

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There we no queue for Bubba Gump’s as we were pretty early, we love the place the menu is good the service is generally excellent unless its really busy, there’s lots of seafood dishes and the shrimp is really good with good sized portions a little expensive as it in the Park area so to speak but definitely one to visit.

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