Good Lord! OLN Editor Visits Cousin Baron Saye and Sele on 102nd Birthday


OLN Editor Marshall Swanson-Polston recently recognized his cousin, the 21st Lord Saye and Sele, on his 102nd birthday on September 22, 2022 at Broughton Castle in England. In addition to being a peer, Nathaniel Fiennes served in the Second World War during the liberation of Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp and D-Day.

The Lord’s son and heir apparent, Martin Fiennes, accepted recognition from a US Senator and a State Representative, in addition to a US flag, for his more than 100 years of life, and as a good will gesture from across the pond.

The Lord’s family resides in the Broughton Castle, a manor featured in many films including The Madness of King George and Shakespeare in Love. The castle, first built in the 1300s by Lord John Broughton, later played a prominent role in the English Civil War, with the Fiennes family siding against Charles I.

Both James I and Queen Anne of Denmark stayed at the castle as well.

Pictured: Top: OLN Editor Marshall Swanson-Polston presents a US flag and letters recognizing Lord Saye Sele’s 102nd birthday on September 22, 2022 to Martin Fiennes, heir apparent and son of the Baron, Nathaniel Fiennes. Bottom: Broughton Castle. (Credit:

Swanson connects to Fiennes through the Puttenham family whose estate, now ruined, existed for many years in Buckinghamshire, England, in addition to the Wells line, with several distant relatives buried in the church graveyard as well.


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