Julio Verne 42: Mexico City’s Finest Cigar Lounge


Cigar afficianados visiting Mexico City can breath a sigh of relief, and take in a puff of some fine smokes at what is arguably the country’s best kept secret: Julio Verne 42.

The lounge stands above the rest for both the wide selection of cigars the club maintains and its unique, one-of-a-kind atmosphere. In addition to being a cigar club, the establishment boasts of a vast repitoire of wines as well, and stocks a full liquor bar.

The staff’s impeccable service is topped off by their debonaire attire, always dressed to the nines in bow ties and suits.

Located near the upscale Polanco area of Mexico City, the lounge lies in a historic building which is also flanked by a wide variety of institutes and political and public relations firms.

Owner Carlos Mandujano is also the chief executive of Cuarto de Guerra (War Room), a political strategy and commications firm based upstairs. Long a fan of both wine and cigars, Carlos spent his time cultivating the club as a labor of love for smoking and the vine.

In his spare time outside of Mexico City, Carlos enjoys equestrian sports and a variety of outdoor activites- the embodiment of Mexican masculinity. Although a favorite for many locals, the establishment beckons men of like-minded machismo and class from all around the world.

For business or please in Mexico City, a visit to Julio Verne Cigar and Wine Club will not disappoint.


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