Mochinut Coming to Demetree Global’s Collegiate Village


A Mochinut restaurant is coming to Demtree Global’s Collegiate Village at the entrance of UCF, and mouths are already watering.

But for those who don’t know already: what the heck is a mochinut? A Mochinut is a donut that originated from Hawaii combining American doughnuts and Japanese mochi.

Mochi Donuts are made with rice flour that makes the donuts stretchy and chewy. There is a sticky addictiveness to each bite, a textural element that is completely different from yeast or cake donuts. Mochinut has not only gained its success from its donuts’ unique shape, which is made of a connected circle of 8 dough balls, but also for their other delicious items.

The restaurant’s menu also includes hot dogs (Hawaiian style) and a wide array of coffees and teas. Also found on the repertoire of items is ice cream, coming in a dozen varieties.

For more information on Mochinut UCF, visit the restaurant’s website by clicking here.


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